Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review

This First person shooter takes a turn for the worse in the Nazi filled game.

Review by Alec Hilton
Published 2nd June 2008

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

  • Developer: Spark Unlimited
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Release Date: 14th March 2008

Starting out with a very interesting idea, what would happen if the Nazis won the war in Europe and invaded America? This is a question that has been theorised about for years now and finally we have one of the answers. Problem is that it is a very narrow view of things, which it really a shame.

The plot unfolds thus; in 1931 Winston Churchill was hit and killed by a taxi when visiting New York. Which is actually true Churchill was hit by a taxi which left he needing to walk with a cane for the rest of his life. The plot then continues that the Nazis conquer Europe then set their sights on America. So in 1953, the German Luftwaffe arrives in the skies over New York. This leads your character, a construction worker named Dan Carson who gets unofficially drafted into US army to defend the country against the invading threat. The thing is that the question which is the basis of the plot is possibly the best part of the game; it all falls apart after that.

The gameplay is one of the poorest points of the game. There are numerous problems, which fortunately don’t make the game unplayable just damn boring and far too simple.

Some of the best examples of this kind of gameplay are the Zeppelins that control the skies of New York. These airships seem to be made of some kind of material that just will not be penetrated by bullets it took six rockets to bring down just one. So it seems that Turning Point’s new timeline has created hydrogen that will not ignite if shot at, most interesting really.

This isn’t the only mar on the game’s play, the AI just doesn’t stand up and take note and I mean that in the most literal sense. The Nazis that I encountered never seemed to notice me even when I was up close and was able to dispatch most of them with little problem. Added to that was the small factor that the Nazis seem to think that crouching down, but not taking cover behind anything is a great way to survive in a battle. Take one section early on in the game you are tasked to defend a barricade against an on coming Nazi force, which sounds like a normal FPS situation, but all I had was the Nazis running around this small street like some kind of canon fodder. It was embarrassing to actually kill them.

Possibly the strangest gameplay constraint is what your arsenal can do and what control you have over it. Almost all targeting feels ham fisted, if you aiming your Thompson at a Nazi more than a couple of feet away from you, the bullets seem to have a mind of their own and it can take half a clip to kill one bad guy. This kind of kick back isn’t just localised to the Machine guns, which to a certain extent I could understand if the recoil wasn’t so powerful, it happens on small handguns as well. The game seems to give you a feel, whether intentional or not, that Dan really can’t handle a weapon at all I wouldn’t have been surprised if the use of a shotgun would have knocked him over.

Turning Point is the very soul of the linear game. You spend your time ploughing through the streets taking out the Nazi troops but never really feeling that you are achieving anything. The game feels hollow with every step, taking an amazing idea but never making anything worthwhile of it.

The funny thing is when playing the game on harder difficulties the only thing that changes is that it takes even more bullets to stop enemies. Which just makes things laughable? But shamefully to make it easier on you, after using clip after clip to takedown a handful of Nazis, picking up extra clips from the fallen enemy seemed to work in the weapon I had at the time even if the enemy were using totalling different types of guns.

The graphics in the game really aren’t anything to shout about either; it’s marred by constant pop-ups which make it impossible to know where you are being shot at from at times. The German troops seem to be given the same strange bright orange goggles, which makes them so easy to spot in the rather dull cityscape. However, they can be too far away, over the mile long streets to be seen properly as the rest of their uniform is almost the same colour as the paving or tarmac. The buildings are all made out of the same colour block, dull white and even duller grey which just seems to add to the sense of boredom that the game gives off, even when your out side of New York the colours don’t change that much at all, with only a hint of some of the lighter colours shining through.

With what little there is about the game that tries it’s hardest to just about work, there is half a ton of other parts that just fail and fail totally. There just isn’t enough in the game to hold even the most avid WWII fan.

Review Score: 5.2/10

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