Knight Rider- The Game Review

We go back to the 1980's and take up the role of Michael Knight, in this driving action game based on the TV show.

Review by Darren Cartledge
Published 27th November 2002

Knight Rider- The Game

  • Developer: Davilex
  • Publisher: Koch Media
  • Release Date: 22nd November 2002

Ah, I remember back in the 80's when I use to sit down faithfully to watch every episode of Knight Rider, I wanted KITT and I thought Michael Knight was the coolest man on Earth. Well anyway, enough of my childhood problems and back to the game.

Knight Rider lets you take up the role of KITT, in the game you'll come across the likes of Devon, Bonnie, KARR, Garth (the guy who looks exactly like Michael Knight except with a dodgy tash) and of course Mr Knight himself.

The game features two modes of play, campaign and mission. Campaign lets you play through the games story line from start to finish and mission mode lets you replay any level from within the game. In campaign mode you start the game in a training session where you will be introduced to all of KITT's abilities such as 'ski mode' and 'turbo boost'. You'll also be given the chance to get to grips with these special features and the cars handling. The first thing you'll notice is how difficult the car is to steer, KITT almost seems reluctant to go in the direction you want to go and can often cause problems when trying to avoid objects.

Mission wise you will be required to use KITT's special abilities throughout the game using turbo boost to clear on the ground and ski mode to squeeze through narrow gaps. Missions offer variety as they involve puzzle solving, high speed pursuits and even the odd KARR battle thrown in. A nice touch added when using turbo boost is the switch to an alternate 80's style slow motion camera.

Graphically KITT steals the show, having been perfectly rendered with real-time reflections added to his shiny body work and windows. KITT's interior has also been authentically recreated and the games cutscenes feature accurate likeness' of all the characters from the classic 80's show. Environments within the game mainly consist of deserts and are fairly nice, we never noticed any graphic breaks and the draw distance stretches far off. The game also features some nice graphical touches such as lighting and dust effects.

Overall Knight Rider delivers a fun driving game and although gameplay can become repetitive, efforts have been made to offer a varied range of play. The game will appeal to fans of the show but to non fans the game will lack any real replay value.

Review Score: 6.4/10

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