Grom Review

It's adventure time with Colonel Grom!

Review by Tracy Bosworth
Published 1st October 2003


  • Developer: Rebelmind
  • Publisher: CDV
  • Release Date: 7th February 2003

The eagerly awaited adventure game Grom has finally arrived on our desk ready to be judged and assessed, was it worth the wait?

Set in 1942, Grom places you in the role of Colonel Grom, a Polish officer who fled his homeland after refusing to surrender to the Nazi’s. Now living in Tibet Grom must once again face the Nazi’s as they feverishly search for the Lost City of King Arjuna. According to legend the king concealed twelve weapons there, each one capable of destroying entire civilisations.

Grom is billed as an action/adventure RPG although it lacks the depth and usual frustration that comes with the usual Dungeons and Dragons style RPG, Grom if you like, has a more simple approach to the genre. All actions within the game can be controlled by the mouse. Actions and weapons are all selected in drop style menus that are located on the screen and it works well.

The game begins with a short tutorial that aims to familiarise players with the easy to learn controls from moving around to attacking enemies. Following the tutorial you are to make your way to various destinations using a point and click map. Sometimes during travel you will encounter enemies on your route that basically signifies that you have a battle to endure, if low on energy this can be very frustrating as there is no way of avoiding these confrontations despite a stealthy ‘lie down’ option, this army style crawl will get you so far but the closer you get to your enemies (sometimes you need to walk straight past them) the closer you are to being seen and attacked, thank god for the auto save! This action itself is very much in the RPG style and to be honest is just a simple matter of clicking on your opponent and hoping his energy goes down quicker than yours does!

Sometimes you will find yourself needing to reload the game several times before you defeat an enemy that can become quite frustrating. Once an enemy has been defeated you can take items from the body and place them in your own inventory that is accessible by right clicking on one of your characters. Useful items can also be found lying around on the ground or inside various buildings.

Some characters in the game will willingly hold a conversation with you however if the characters are not important to the game like the drunk sat on the street the conversation will ultimately be useless and time wasting. Lengthy dialogues unfortunately keep the game at a slow place and can sometimes become boring encouraging players to ignore the important information and then be left wondering what to do. It is often possible to trade and bargain with AI characters and this is done by a card system. Each character has a set of cards that displays their emotion from offence to amusement, after placing down a card that displays how you feel the other character will place down one of his cards in response. The strongest card shapes the outcome of the deal so be prepared to end up worse than before you started to bargain! The card system certainly adds an authentic feel to what is essentially a dated gaming concept.

As you travel through the various checkpoints you are able to take part in mini games that can sometimes add a little light fun to the overall game. Mini games range from bare fist fighting with soldiers, dodging flying knives and capturing a yak. The mini games are also a great way of earning a few extra pieces of gold!

The game features a pause system that allows players to plan their next move in safety. Whilst in pause mode players are able to give their characters specific instructions that they will then carry out once the game resumes, handy if you are surrounded by a group of hostile Nazi’s! Along your travels you can invite other characters to join your team and this feature stops the game from becoming too repetitive and boring although the objectives you are given are not varied enough to keep you really engrossed in the game.

Grom features some great graphics, characters are well detailed and animated and the environments are clean and smooth. A little more interaction within the surroundings would have done wonders for the game but despite this, the game looks and plays brilliantly. The games audio certainly adds more depth. Character voices and environmental sounds fit together nicely to create the atmosphere of the overall game.

Grom is a typical click and point adventure game, unfortunately, the plot is a little bland and the gaming can become repetitive after a while of playing. Fans of the original adventure games will probably enjoy Grom however as the game progresses it begins to lose its appeal.

Review Score: 7.4/10

Please note, this review was scored using our old system. For more information please see our review policy.

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