Beach King Stunt Racer Review

We hit the beach and the gas with Davilex's stunt racing game.

Review by Tracy Bosworth
Published 28th August 2003

Beach King Stunt Racer

  • Developer: Davilex
  • Publisher: Koch Media
  • Release Date: 28th August 2003

It seems that ever since I had the pleasure of playing the first Tony Hawk game there has been many other games come my way based around the same idea, whether they are skateboard or bike related. In Beach King we swap the skateboard for a beach buggy and strut our stuff to impress the girl, whatever next, shopping cart king? Well it could work!

The idea of beach king is basically to win over the girl; you choose your character out of a possible 3 and then choose the girl you wish to try your luck with. In a specific time limit you must race around the Sunkist environments collecting diamonds and performing stunts hopefully earning enough points to get the girl.

At the beginning of each level the girl in question makes it clear to you how many points she expects you to earn whilst you are out there along with the amount of diamonds you need to bring back to her. Points are earned by launching yourself from the various ramps and pulling off large combo’s and tricks. The diamonds are scattered around each level, usually in hard to reach areas however thankfully your map shows you where the treasures lay…your only problem now is getting there!

The variety of the game is strictly limited, there are only a small number of stunts available and even the ‘special moves’ all seem the same. Once you have completed the first arena there really isn’t any incentive to try and complete the next one as it is practically identical. A massive let down on the overall game is the fact that it has no game pad support! Why anyone would bring out a game like this with no game pad support is beyond me and I feel that had I had the luxury of playing with a pad rather then the keyboard this review would have been much more favourable.

Another annoyance is the complete lack of variety and flimsy handling of the buggy. When it takes you almost 5 minutes the reach the top of a cliff if is highly frustrating to watch your buggy ignore your frantic attempts at using the brake only to fall of the edge and tumble down to where you started…5 minutes ago.

Beach King features cartoon style graphics which are smooth and clean although environments lack a little detail and appear quite bland on occasion which is frustrating since the majority of your time is spent just driving around trying to catch a glimpse of a diamond. Character animation isn’t really up to scratch either since all of the female characters (sorry, “babes”) act exactly the same.

The games audio mainly consists of repeated arcade style music and various shouts from the characters such as “aww dude!” and “oh man, the diamonds!” you may occasionally hear the girl shouting a message of “don’t forget to bring me some diamonds!” In a silly girly voice but other than that, there isn’t really anything that can be said about the games audio.

Despite the fact that I was forced to use the keyboard (which really shouldn’t be the case with a game like this) I wanted to give Beach King a try and to be truthful I thoroughly enjoyed it for the first 10 minutes or so, however the lack of variety, both gameplay wise and graphic wise resulted in me becoming bored very quickly. There is no incentive to play further than the first level as the whole game is just full of repetition and a feeling of been rushed into production. With a little more time and care this game could have been pretty good but there is only so long you can repeat the same moves and tricks without getting tired of the game.

Review Score: 6.8/10

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