Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Vietnam Review

Vietnam takes the Battlefield franchise back to one its best settings and still proves to be a hit.

Review by Darren Cartledge
Published 21st January 2011

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Vietnam

  • Developer: DICE
  • Publisher: EA Gaes
  • Release Date: 5th March 2010

Blackened and scorched hillsides, deep dense jungle, panicked screams, gunfire echoing all around, and the smell of napalm in the air. This must be Vietnam!

Having experienced DICE’s intense large-scale multiplayer combat for the first time in 2004 with Battlefield: Vietnam, when I first heard about the Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2, I was excited but could this simple update, live up to my fondest Battlefield memories?

When you first step into the Vietnam war zone, you would be forgiven for thinking you had entered a poor mans battle. Then you’ll remember, this is a different era, an era without all the fancy electronics of modern warfare. Reflex sights don’t exist, and tanks aren’t that much different to those used in WWII. Of course, the Vietnam war took place in a time before almost all the guns and gadgets gamers have become use to in the main BFBC2 game were even invented. Even helicopters were relatively new back then, so what effect does all this have on the online warfare of Battlefield? In Vietnam, it all becomes about skill.

Vietnam pits the North Vietnamese Army against the USA, and is set during one of the most infamous wars in history. The rice paddies, remote villages, temple ruins and dense jungle settings are a far cry from what Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players have experienced to date, and so are the weapons. Here is where player skill plays a bigger role. Without the sights of “modern war” its much more difficult to aim your shots and hit the target, to further complicate matters once you do start firing, certain guns obscure your view with the amount of smoke and muzzle flash they produce occasionally causing you to lose sight of your enemy. Whilst this makes it sound like the game has been made unnecessarily hard, it does help make the action of Vietnam feel more realistic and authentic to the time.

Maps like those in the main Bad Company 2 game, are large, yet you never feel isolated. Action remains as intense as ever and matches tend to be closely contested affairs, with the dense vegetation adding a new dimension to combat. Map design can really make you feel vulnerable as you stumble through the jungle it’s not uncommon to unexpectedly come across enemies. This really helps get the adrenaline pumping as you never know when a fire fight is going to breakout. The terrain in the Vietnam maps can prove to be a big factor in other ways to. The attacking team can often have their advancement come to a grinding halt when they reach certain areas, as the lay of the land often gives the defending team a slight advantage. But this doesn’t make matches in Vietnam unfair, instead it makes the whole playing experience more realistic and adds even more authenticity to Battlefield: BC2. But more importantly it also results in a greater level of team work amongst players, which is always a good thing.

If there’s one area in which BFBC2 - Vietnam disappoints then its with the number of new weapons and equipment the game introduces. There aren’t as many as you would expect, especially when you consider the scale of the maps and the fact that in many ways the Vietnam expansion is equal to the main game. In addition to adding new weapons, a new range of vehicles are also introduced, tanks, jeeps and the iconic Huey are all featured. However, don’t expect them to be as dominate on the battlefield as the helicopters of BFBC2 mainly due to the fact they lack armour and can be shot down with almost any of the included guns, if the player is a good enough shot.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Vietnam transports players to a whole new setting and delivers the same large scale, intense action fans expect, but yet expands the experience by emphasising team play and skill to make it a truly worthy add-on.

Review Score: 8.5/10

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