Hotshot Racing - retro inspired arcade racer revealed

Hotshot Racing to arrive in spring, going 60FPS.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 26th February 2020

Hotshot Racing a 90s inspired arcade racer, is currently being developed by Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital and is set to arrive on Steam this spring.

It will feature 8 different drivers, 16 race tracks and various game modes, such as Grand Prix which acts as the game’s championship mode. Drive or Explode requires you to reach various checkpoints throughout a track within a set time limit, or as you might have guessed, you will explode! Cops and Robbers is a pursuit mode in which players have to secure a cash heist and escape, whilst the cops - obviously have to try and stop them. The game will also feature a time trial mode – a classic and stalwart of the arcade racing genre. Hotshot Racing will also include online and local multiplayer support, retro-styled graphics with the game running at 60FPS.

"When we first played Hotshot Racing we were immediately transported to the halcyon days of our youth when we used to pop 50p coins into classic arcade racers like Virtua Racing, Crusin’ USA, SEGA Rally and others that used to punctuate seafronts across the UK” said Simon Byron, Curve Digital’s Publishing Director. “It’s fantastic to see this type of gameplay make a triumphant return and we can’t wait to see what people make of it!"

Hotshot Racing, will be available this spring and is available to mark on your Steam wish list now!

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